Yo, It's cro.

NB, Bi, Black


Name's Cro, and I'm just trying to live life.
I like geek conventions, animation, good tunes, Shiba Inus, dancestors, Homestuck as a whole, and girls.
Voiced Tiff from 'Smile For Me'.
Check out my links below if you wanna see my other social medias that I frequent.


S Press Play (current)
Meenahquest (current)
Game Over Reanimated (current)
SBLURB: A Homestuck Podcast (continous)
Stuck at Home Con (continous)
Pesterquest Fandub (current)
Beforus Fanzine (finished)
Pro8lematic Fave Fanzine (finished)
Make Her Pay Reanimated (finished)
HS Artkind Server: Beforus Calendar (finished)
HS Artkind Server: 2020 Homestuck Calendar (finished)
Helping with:
Friendsim Fandub
Witch of Time Zine
Obligatory Furrystuck Zine
Helped With:
Smile For Me (2019)
Homestuck Vol. 10 Fanzine